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  Aerial Photography  

Helicopter Systems Available for:

* Bell Jet Ranger 206B & 206L

* Eurocopter AS350 & AS355

* Hughes MD 500

Fixed Wing Applications

* ICM Aerial Camera Ship

Aerial Photography  

We specialize in aerial photography and cinematography and we are flying every week of the year. Our extensive experience combined with quality equipment are the defining factors in producing the image or video that you are seeking. ICM is led by a veteran in the field of aerial camera work and we use the latest technology to produce the images you are seeking.

Whether you require an end-product of images and video or need rental equipment for your production, ICM can provide the services and equipment necessary to accomplish your project.

Call us now to discuss your needs 1-888-373-4539 Toll Free Worldwide.

Among our featured services is LINK Wireless HD transmission, featuring "live link" footage developed by ICM. With "live link" video can be transmitted and viewed in multiple locations with minimal delay. This enables usage within live telecasts to provide news coverage, event telecasts, surveillance and more. The picture quality is outstanding due to the utilization of High-Data Rate Microwave signals which transport the mpeg encoded HD video.

We also offer turnkey solutions to provide aerial photography and aerial video to meet your needs. Live telecasts of concerts, sporting events and news happenings are available through helicopter solutions featuring stabilized aerial camera systems. We currently offer systems utilizing the Bell Jet Ranger 206, Eurocopter AS350 and Hughes MD 500 which have been chosen for their reliability, safety and performance. EXTREME environments such as open water or high altitude call on the reliable the Eurocopter AS 355 (Twin Star).

Aerial Video Unit Packages include:    

* Flir UMHD CineAlta F950

* Fujinon HA42x9.7ERD lens

* HD reference monitors for Producer, Operator, & Pilot

* Flash XDR HD-SDI Recorder

* Leader LV5750 Waveform/Vectorscope

* 12 volt and 28 volt power rack

* 2-way ground to air communications.

Each aircraft requires a unique FAA approved mounting bracket to attach the camera system. We can help you choose which mounting system and aircraft are most suited to your needs.

Stabilized camera systems can be placed in several locations on the airframe; nose, corner, or side of helicopters for ultimate utility.

Aerial Photography
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